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      Pulling the last of the honey of the season for extraction, which really means sweating more than you should on a weekend. This also serves to prepare the bees for winter, minimizing the area they have to defend from predators or pests. (Second photo is just a status photo so we can look back later) (at Avondale, Alabama)


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      Honey back in stock at @81churchstreet! Still honey at @seasickrecords too!


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      Hanging out at the Bessemer Farmers Market where @mcsweetice is making an Italian Ice with our honey! Thanks David!


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      Checking in on a merged hive we made from two weak hives. Not looking great, sadly. We may well enter winter with only two (very strong) hives unless this one magically turns around.


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      While doing some bee work today we found this good lookin’ solitary bee working our mexican sunflowers. So many wonderful pollinators out there!


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      Man, Francine is killing it. She was big when we moved her to the new lot. We split her when she got there and she has filled up 5 supers and we just put on a 6th. Look at that beautiful new wax!
      #wethreebeeks #beekeeping


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      NEW HONEY BATCH AT @seasickrecords! Hillside Honey! Get it!


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      Bee season is here! #pollenpants #beekeeping


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      Honey is back in stock at @81churchstreet! In good company, too. The beautiful Beekeeper’s Bible on one side and southern foraging compendium by @foragerman on the other!


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      Queenie from one of the hives. All the girls are looking good. A couple are just huge. The new ones (splits/swarms) seem to be chugging along just fine too. 



      The queen from Fern. Looking great! All hives look to be doing well. Who knows what will happen with honey harvest this year, what with all the crazy weather, but the bees doing well is our goal so all is well. #beekeeping #wethreebeeks #jeffcobees